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RK Quiet but still intense. I came across this band looking for a version of Joan Armatrading's Dry Land, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised at what I ended up finding. Those harmonies are undeniable! Favorite track: Dry Land.
Dr Ted Nelson
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Dr Ted Nelson I originally heard of Canines through the movie "I Am Not A Hipster". The protagonist was the founder of Canines, so I found this album through the movie's website and I have not been able to stop listening to it! Favorite track: Black Bay.
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brantly This is a very solid LP that sounds a bit like the sad parts of mid-period Okkervil River and early Hayden while still retaining a stark, signature sound. Nicely done!
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(free) 03:45


released November 15, 2011

Written and Produced by Joel P West
Performed by Dominic Bogart and Joel P West
Recorded by Tyler Halford (assisted by Daniel Gonzales)
Mixed + Mastered by Tyler Halford


all rights reserved



CANINES San Diego, California

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Track Name: Willful Feelings
You shouldn’t trust me
I can’t decide
Whether my instincts
Care what is right
If good is inherent
It’s hard to find
Beneath the conceit
In our design

They say we’re the only
Capable of charity

But I would be lying
To make a claim
Of any decisions
That aren’t in vain
When even my giving
Could be explained
By the willful feelings
That overtake me
Track Name: Dry Land
Feed me make yourself proud
Fill my mouth up until I drown

You pull me onto dry land
And choke me out with the same two hands

We die and never come back
And each of us has to learn from scratch

So I’m left to follow my gut
But who in the fuck can I trust when my own blood
Lies to me
Leads my mouth to drink
And then punishes me in the morning

I have no
Kind of hold
To pull myself from cold grief
That fills my heart with warning
So I fight but I can’t stop the bite of these teeth

Don’t you flatter yourself
We give or we take but we’re only selfish

Just blinking counting our days
Watching the shadows upon this cave
Track Name: Spectator
Two blocks down on the corner
A crowd is beginning gather now to watch the scene unfold
And already a man is instructing them all to please just go back home

Their thoughts are not with the family
Who stands there shaking in mourning as the workers clean the street
Their eyes are all locked on the motionless form underneath a thin white sheet

Thinking she
Had to be
No different from me

All my peace
Depends on the secrets
Of why these bones
Serve as our homes for a moment and after that we just don’t know

I am the son of the offspring
Of some who succumbed to their bodies and now I’m stuck here in my own
Hoping to god that I wont be stuck forever in this soul
Track Name: Dead Ends
I am looking in at
People that I call my friends

Just a sillhouette
With a cigarette
And no idea who I am

There were songs in these eyes
But now they’re gone
If only I had held the light in

Flashing teeth
They are smiling
So happy to burn through their time

And I don’t know when
But I lost the will to savor mine

Now they’re all
Stumbling to some other house
Though I’ve tried I can’t find any interest now

It takes
The guilt of just a small mistake
To puncture the joy
So its poisoned by doubt

I just wanted to face the expanse
But those dead ends have come to haunt me
I had tried to understand
How I should operate this body
And I was sure, but I was wrong
If only I had held the light in
The darkness would be gone
Track Name: Wild Again
I read the advice in your letter
To see myself without a filter

So tonight I have locked all my doors
And I’m down on all fours
Wild again

The dawnlight is slowly approaching
Eyes open to slow down the spinning

I bet you’d be proud of me now
Lost in my own house
I can’t find a way out

I used to believe
That shame only came on display
To the others
But I was wrong
I’m here by myself and the feeling is strong

I’m learning to split into portions
The pain that comes sharp with the morning

I take some with coffee and then
I bring some back to bed
And wait for a dream
Track Name: Made To Scavenge
A knock on my door
Woke me this morning
Made by the hand
Of a well-dressed woman
Who’d set aside
Part of her morning
To ask me if I know why I’m alive

She walked by a man
Who scours the alley
Each day for cans
To trade for money
To buy a chance
To play the lottery
And when he doesn’t win, he starts the cycle again

Made to scavenge
Like an animal

So I cannot help
But watch him searchin
For lucky breaks
Just like a vulture
And wonder if
His sense of purpose is any less than what I’m gettin here

Bettered by wealth
and education
But just as unsettled
and impatient
I am too easily sustained
I can’t sleep

If I am made to obey
Then why this brain
This plague of intellect that infects
Any peaceful state

Cause I can’t say
If anything
Is meaningful
Or some impulse to trick me into
Another day
Of this grey
Track Name: No Answers
No answers
No absolutes
All theories
With no kind of proof

Clinging on to what we were told
In our youth
I know what they believe I just don’t

Know why now
With all that we’ve learned
Still no answers
With no stone unturned

I know I’m never gonna be right
And so I
I’m filling my belly tonight
Track Name: Paper and Concrete
In the dark of night
When the last drop of blind youth
Has left you

You will wake to find
That you have been lied to
You're nothing more

Than cells, same as the ones that surround you

And the will to make
And build what there isn't
Before you

Now will break
This paper and concrete
Are nothing new

Just earth moved and glued, stuck to you

I warned you
There's no use
Trying to win
Track Name: Black Bay
Black bay where’d you go
I can’t find any light from your boats
And it only makes me feel more alone

Grey fog don’t you tire
Of the dark isolation of night
I know that the pressure gives you life
I know that the truth comes with the quiet
But I’m just so afraid of mine

So I blame the ones that I love
When I am no one to act as a judge
I know the bottle’s not best
But I’m just so starved for some kind of rest
From these lungs
And my tied tongue

What makes a man cave
To the simple escape from his days
Is it only a triumph over fear
Of what happens when waking cease to be
Or do we secretly love these tears
Track Name: Come Back
I cursed my reactions
I cursed all my flaws
When I found my perfection
My color was lost

So I prayed for a reason
I prayed to your ghost
Of all the hearts I've abandoned
I miss mine the most

Come back, I know I was wrong
Come back, the night is too long
To carry on

Now I mourn for my instincts
I mourn for my glow
Now the warmth that your voice brings
Is all that I long to know